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I inject humor into nonfiction writing.

So far, it hasn’t complained.

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The Badass Single Mom’s Survival Guide

Book cover - cartoon silhouette illustration of mother in a red cap holding the hands of her two children.


A short and sassy guide to navigating the first phases of your journey as a single mom. 21 tips shot from the hip and hard-won wisdom of a veteran single mom.


The Badass Single Mom’s Guide to Traveling the World with Kids

Book cover - cartoon silhouette illustration of mother in a red cap holding the hands of her two children in front of an illustration of the world.


A down and dirty guide to navigating world travel with your kids, without breaking the bank. Chock full of tips on everything from flight hacking to where to go, what to pack, and how to find other traveling solo parents on the road.


Death in the Pine Forest

Close up of young woman with her hair covering half her face


To her friends and family, 17-year-old Grace Steele is a shy, studious girl with a regular high-schooler’s life. But in the privacy of her room, Grace inhabits a different world — the world of passion and romance she creates on her anonymous blog she calls “Too Gorgeous.”


Chemical Attraction

Photo of woman in black dress with hands on hips. Man in plaid shirt with folded arms to her side. No heads or legs are visible as the cover image is cropped to the shoulders and knees.



She’s a glamorous perfumer living in Paris with a teeny little problem she’s trying to keep a secret from the world – or else it will ruin her.


Atomic Attraction

Photo of woman in flowery dress with hands on hips. Man in t-shirt with hands on jeans belt. No heads or legs are visible as the cover image is cropped to the shoulders and knees.


Two years on from Chemical Attraction, Natacha has been following in her mother’s footsteps and learning the fine art of perfumery. Reeling from a break-up, Natacha embarks on a secret mission to create a pheromone perfume, or love potion, to try and win back her ex.


Chemical Attraction

Eiffel Tower with pink sky. Words 'Chemical attraction' imposed over the top

Romantic comedy-drama feature script

A glamorous Parisian perfumer has lost her sense of smell and is about to go out of business when her mother dies. She returns to her Midwestern hometown to sell her mother’s house to save the business, only to be blocked when the back-to-the-land caretaker refuses to move out of his eco-treehouse in the backyard. 



King’s Cross

Romantic comedy feature script

A struggling single shoe designer tries to find the man (and his shoes) she fell in love with at first sight on the London Tube. Instead, she meets and gets involved with his doppelganger in an attempt to find her perfect match.

Man Factory

Comedy-Drama TV pilot

When HR exec Jacqueline Forte finds herself standing in as COO of the newly merged US/UK tech startup Transcendence, which creates life-like robotic men, curated to be the perfect mates for the women’s self-fulfillment space, she finds herself challenged on all sides when an Indian soft toy manufacturer sweeps in to buy the company.


Comedy TV pilot

When a house fire makes her homeless, an American single mom who moved to London to pursue a career as a stand-up comedian – and look after her teenage son who’s at football academy – finds herself living as a fish out of water on a posh houseboat.

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